Welcome to Midnight Maniac

The Ultimate Rock Band Experience

Get ready to unleash your inner rock god with Midnight Maniac. We are a band that combines the best of rock, heavy metal, pop, and electronic music to create a unique and unforgettable sound. Join us on this wild journey through the dark corners of music and let your nightmares come alive.

About Midnight Maniac

Creating Unforgettable Musical Experiences

Featuring Multi-Instrumentalist Songwriting Team Marshall Benson and Jake Curtis Allard, Midnight Maniac is not your ordinary band. We are a group of passionate musicians who thrive on pushing boundaries and creating music that takes you to new heights. With our blend of rock, heavy metal, pop, and electronic elements, we aim to leave a lasting impression on your senses. Join us as we embark on this sonic adventure.

Genre-Bending Music

We seamlessly blend rock, heavy metal, pop, and electronic genres to create a truly unique sound that defies categorization.

Captivating Performances

Our live shows are a captivating spectacle, filled with energy, theatrics, and an immersive visual experience that leaves the audience in awe.

Lyrically Dark and Thought-Provoking

Our songs provide a stark contrast of fun, uplifting themes, while some delve into the depths of human emotions, exploring themes of darkness, nightmares, and the unusual aspects of life, making you reflect on your own existence.

Unforgettable Songwriting

We never want to be bound by convention! Our music is full of twists, turns, and unusual elements that keep our audience intrigued and entertained the entire time. What's the first thing people do when a Midnight Maniac songs end? Hit "replay", of course!

Meet The Maniacs!

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